PICTURE THIS STUDIOS: Fraser Jacs had such a horny time getting his whole body oiled up and jacking off on the hood of his car in his last photo shoot, that he couldn’t wait to return for another session with his favourite studio. It took a while for our schedules to match, due to his commitments as a keen Sunday league football referee! However, when he did find a free day in his diary, we took him into the locker room in his kit, and got him to do a seriously hot strip for us! Fraser is not someone that needs asking twice, and says its double the fun for him, as he gets equally turned on by putting his kit on as he does taking it off!
(pics from 2012)

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PUBLIC DISPLAYS ( via UniqueNYProductions )

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The NYC Broadway community has come together to create a truly creative, entertaining and heartfelt video. It’s about PDA for the LGBT community.

Everyone should hold hands with the one they love. We would love your help in spreading this message

This dance piece centers around public displays of affection for the LGBT community and how we often have to censor or question showing affection to the one we love. I don’t think the general public even thinks about PDA as an LGBT issue but imagine not being able to hold hands, link arms, kiss or even touch the person you love out of fear of how others may respond. I think it is maybe the biggest issue we deal with in our day to day lives.

I hope this video will bring just a little bit more joy, understanding, love and compassion into the world. Everyone should hold hands with the one they love.

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