I wAs channeling Ginger Rogers.,,,,.I didnt know she was A #rebelheart via @madonna





sissydude sinema: TOBY ROSS’ 1975 gay porn classic CRUISIN’ 57 (via pornhub)


Originally released in 1975 to the US and foreign theaters, Cruisin 57 is the only adult film to have played in the Pop Montreal Festival to a packed house with a full live band playing the bitch-en soundtrack to delighted audiences. Michael Muni tells of his crushes and flings as he finds his school a bedrock of erotic fantasies.

“HE SHE ME” – Devonté Hynes and Neneh Cherry, lovely Selfridges advert video starring HARI NEF


‘He, She, Me': an exclusive track by Devonté Hynes and Neneh Cherry, commissioned by Selfridges. | Film by Kathryn Ferguson & Alex Turvey, featuring Hari Nef. Choreography by Ryan Heffington.

FEELGUIDE: Genius music producer Dev Hynes (i.e. BLOOD ORANGE) teamed up recently with Neneh Cherry for a brilliant new single “He She Me,” released in conjunction with British department store Selfridges’ new gender-free fashion line AGENDER. The video was directed by Selfridges’ in-house director Kathryn Ferguson alongside Alex Turvey, with choreography by Ryan Heffington, who also choreographed Sia’s “Chandelier”. In an interview, Ferguson explained the concept of the video: “The film is an evolving journey through a subtle push and pull between masculinity and femininity, captured entirely in one unbroken shot, utilising in-camera camera effects in a world populated by out-scaled physical props inspired by Faye Toogood’s in store realisation of AGENDER. This film has come at a time when important conversations about gender fluidity and non-binary ways of being are finally getting a lot of attention.”

Deliciously Disabled & Disrobed: When I am Naked, I am Free. What Nudity means to this PwD by Andrew Morrison-Gurza (via brendan h)


(photo credit: Alejandro Santiago Photography 2015)

By Andrew Morrison-Gurza @ Deliciously Disabled

Every time I see those obligatory bathroom shots of the really attractive guy posturing at his mirror in the hopes of enticing a part time lover for the evening, I let out a wee smirk of excitement and giggle. This is primarily for two reasons. First, I must admit, I love seeing people own their sexuality, and whenever someone has the stones (puns intended) to be that bold, it is a turn on of epic proportions. It’s like they’re saying, “this is who I am. Deal with it.” Confidence is one hell of an aphrodisiac in my books.

The second reason that I gleefully grin at these types of photos, is because I am extremely envious of the ease with which they were taken, how simply the individual whipped off their clothes without a second thought, and took the picture. In a matter of 20 seconds, the guy is completely au naturel. He is baring all in the buff, independent of anyone else’s hands or help. What I would give for it to be that easy.

For the Deliciously Disabled, getting naked holds with it a few connotations, challenges and a level of connectedness that I want to expose for you all.

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