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So I really love my digital diary on Instagram… posting images (taken by myself mostly) keeps my creative juices flowing and informs me of my obsessions (#frombehind, #sebby, #fromtheside, #makingoutfits, #fromthefront) and my daily routines. I’m never on any expensive tropical vacation or showing off my (non-existent) 8 pack at the gym. I’m pretty much hanging with my cat Sebastian, making outfits at work and taking pictures of men on the street. You will seriously learn more about me here than at One Sissydude follower actually messaged me to tell me how boring I was. Well, fuck him! I’m definitely not “exciting” but I know damn well I’m not boring, thank you very much. XXXO
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FABULOUS NOBODIES- SISSYDUDE talks to JOHN SIMONE about his AWESOME NYC Party Photos! (via Daily Xtra)



Sissydude: Photographer John Simone has two photo retrospectives happening during Toronto’s World Pride. The shows feature New York club culture icons from 1987- 1990. They include Rupaul, Kenny Kenny, Leigh Bowery, John Sex, Quentin Crisp, James St. James, Divine, The It Twins and of course “Party Monster” Michael Alig. Even Cher, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Sandra Bernhard pop up!


Simone left Toronto for New York in 1986 and immediately started working for Club-18 (The Roxy), Details Magazine (including Details’ influential nightlife column by Stephen Saban), Vanity Fair and The Village Voice. Of course the magic really started happening for him when friend Michael Alig appointed Simone chief photographer for his Project X Magazine.



I recently went to visit the very excitable and engaging Simone (above, pictured on the right, with Michael Musto) in his studio apartment in Toronto to get a glimpse of his gorgeous photos and talk, talk, talk about his subjects and his very interesting life during that time. Of course the magnificent creatures in the photos are what really gets him going…



Or click the image below and READ IT NOW!

Simone’s website here!

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“THAT’S KENNY!” Sissydude on Kenny Brain @ DAILY XTRA.


Big Brother Canada suddenly becomes worth watching, with a gay model contestant.

Oh my goddess! Kenny Brain has really brought out that teen fan-girl goodness in me again. I don’t think I’ve been this obsessed with a cute boy since like, a week ago, when I was crushing on some up-and-coming porn pup named Kris Irons.

For those of you who don’t know, Mr Brain is one of the contestants on Big Brother Canada 2. I seriously can’t believe I’m watching this show. I hate Big Brother, but Kenny is just too adorable. He’s a 25-year-old model from Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland. He recently moved to Montreal with his beloved dog in tow.

tumblr_n20s39v8B81t46fw8o1_r1_400 copy

Have you seen that cute GIF of Kenny kissing puppy’s nose? You really should. It’s the sweetest thing ever. It’s been getting me through the mean reds — it really has.

Kenny is also a gay! His strategy is to play the game as a straight guy. He has said, “If there’s a woman that will further my game, I’ll flirt with her.”

Hmmm. Kenny seems to have forgotten there are lesbians in the world, so I’m not sure if this is the wisest plan, but it is great fun to watch this bearded beauty play the game. First off: the outfits. He has that Brooklyn hipster look going on, which is basically old-school Canadian voyageur with skinny jeans. He’s got the black-and-red-check flannel lounging pants, a few Henleys, a vintage-style robe, a union suit. All the manly, butch trimmings that queers have been wearing for, like, ever.





She’s ferocious and she knows just what It takes to make a pro blush” – lyric from “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes

In the opening scene of the unaired 1965 pilot for the TV sitcom The Decorator, its star Bette Davis (cast as interior decorator Liz) flies into her living room with arms jetting out, her white beach muumuu forming a perfect square. She poses a question to her assistant (played by the irrepressible Mary Wickes.)

“Do you think my type is coming back?”

Dear Ms. Davis, all I can say to that is “I wish!”

Annex - Davis, Bette_41

Sassy Miss. D may have been a glamorous movie star but more importantly she was a great character actor. This still happens today of course, we have great female actors like Meryl, Alfre, Cate and Tilda to enjoy.  But Miss. Davis … well, she was something special.

Meryl said it best (on the TCM Davis tribute short she narrates):

“She changed the requirement that actresses in the movies invariably be likeable or attractive, she lifted the veil of appropriate behavior in women, to expose what was scary, unexpected or ugly, in other words to do what was appropriate for the character.”

Launching this month, TIFF Bell Light Box’s  The Hard Way: The Films Of Bette Davis will feature 15 films that “trace two time Oscar winner Davis’ four-decade evolution from glamour girl to grande dame to Gothic gargoyle.”

The movies featured include Of Human Bondage (1934), Dangerous (1935), Jezebel (1938), The Letter (1940), The Little Foxes (1941) and my all-time favorite, 1950’s All About Eve.

cast pub still - all about eve 1950

Respected movie reviewer Pauline Kael called All About Eve “Ersatz art of a very high grade, and one of the most enjoyable movies ever made. A young aspiring actress, Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter), intrigues to take the place of an aging star, Margo Channing (Bette Davis), on stage and in bed, and the battle is fought with tooth, claw, and a battery of epigrams.” Of Davis she says, “Bette Davis is at her most instinctive and assured. Her actress-vain, scared, a woman who goes too far in her reactions and emotions-makes the whole thing come alive.”

Yep, if you’re gonna see one Davis film at The Hard Way, go see All About Eve.

Of course, a chance to see the new digital restoration of the 1962 cult classic Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? will be a hard thing to resist. The audience for that screening alone should make it a riot!

Sadly for me, no TV movies are featured. So, no White Mama, Strangers: The Story Of A Mother and Daughter or Scream, Pretty Peggy.

Sissydude sad face.

Annex - Davis, Bette_25

Anyhow, let’s end this with my personal Top Five Bette Davis things:

5. In 1962, 54 year old Davis placed an ad in Variety under the heading “Situations Wanted – Women Artists” which read, “Mother of three- 10, 11 & 15- divorcee. American. Thirty years experience as an actress in Motion Pictures. Mobile still and more affable than rumor would have it. Wants steady employment in Hollywood (has had Broadway).”

4. Whales Of August (1987) is a guilty pleasure. Libby Strong (Davis) is a silver haired blind and bitter old woman who is looked after by her sweet sister Sarah, played by puppy cute Lillian Gish. This soft, sunny drenched movie moves at a snail’s pace (as do all the three over 70 actors) and you never see a whale!  But you do get to see a jolly round Ann Southern walk down a steep hill picking blue berries for what seems like eternity. Vincent Price fishes and eats one blueberry and Davis yells “Saaaaaaaaarrrraaaahhhh” a ton.  They don’t so much chew the scenery but hold on to it for dear life.

3. Miss Bette Davis… Sings! This 1976 compilation of eleven Davis recordings is so incredibly awesome!  The track “Growing Older, Feeling Younger” is quite beautiful. She feels the lyric like Capitol years Sinatra would.  Her speech from “All About Eve” is here and her sleepy singing on  “Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte” is a scream.

2. Bette Davis interviewed by Dick Cavett in the late 1960s. In a smart black cap and dress, smoking non-stop and drinking whisky (or is it apple juice?), Davis is utterly fascinating and fun talking to Cavett about sexual repression, kissing scenes, ingratitude and suing Warner Bros.  You can watch segments on YouTube or check TCM… they air it frequently.

1. Bette Davis in Patrick Kelly. During the end of her life Davis became a staple on talk shows. She would frequently wear and sing the praises of Paris-based, African-American designer Patrick Kelly. She would look stunning in his bright colored button heart dress, red question mark dress and Jughead-like crown.  It was quite magical and inspiring seeing her so happy, smart & young. Working it till the end, that Miss. Davis! (You can watch her in Patrick Kelly on Letterman via YouTube)

To win a pair of tickets to one of the film screenings during the retrospective, visit our Facebook page and comment on you favourite Bette moment!

The Hard Way: The Films of Bette Davis runs Fri, Nov 15 – Sun, Dec 8

TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King St W

TIFF The Hard Way website

MORE PICS of MISS. DAVIS after the jump…




Sissydude’s Q & A with the sexy, internet sensation

Igor Dewe is some magical hot being who when performing dresses like a fantastical club kid from the planet Naboo. Recently Dewe has been getting into music and the video for his new single “Sexual Obsession” is getting a lot of attention. Is it merely a brilliant pop song or a stand against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law? Lets find out!

Sissydude: Hi Igor! So excited to be interviewing you! I’m a great admirer of your work. I have a major crush on you too; I just want to hold you in my arms, give you butterfly kisses and feed you home-baked cookies. Yep, I just said that.

Igor: <3 <3 <3

On your website you describe yourself as “A creature born out of pure frustration of too much hotness and beauty.” I can totally relate to that, but can you clarify?

Hahaha! Actually, it’s not me but my best friend Maja Bergström who wrote that. It’s too difficult to describe myself, and I don’t really feel pretty, but it’s true that I can feel very frustrated. I have to work and do things if I feel depression coming on.


Lets start at the very beginning. You were born in Russia. Can you tell us where? What was your childhood like? Were you always creative?

Actually, I wasn’t born In Russia! My father is half Russian. I lived in Moscow for three years when I was a kid. My parents are both welders. My mother is Spanish and they worked in different suburbs. My childhood was fine, I always wanted to make shows and dance.


Why did you move to Paris? Was it because it’s a New York-like cultural Mecca?

Well, my dream was to leave the suburbs and live my sexual life openly, and I didn’t have lot of money so I moved to Paris at 17. It was not super easy. My body was fresh and hungry to discover and experiment. I met nice people and made friends in clubs because I went out almost every night. Paris is so beautiful but I would like to move to New York soon.


I really adore all of your street performances and costumes and styling. Making the magic seems elaborate and done with so much love (both your personal work and the amazing spectacles that you do with House Of Drama). You have said in the past that creating “is like an urge, a sexual drive.” Can you tell us your process?

Thank you! Generally, I draw something, think of a concept and story, and then I just get down to it. I do my best, but for now I’m concentrating more on music. Yes, with House of Drama we create little costumed shows. We have lots of shows planned in the next few months. On November 14th, we will be in concert with the group La Femme.


Doin’ It For Themselves: A Six-Pack of Artsy, Sexy, Web-savvy Boys! By Sissydude (for Daily Xtra)

art boys siss
this ART BOYS illustration available @ the sissydude shop @ society6


A six-pack of artsy, sexy, web-savvy boys

By Sissydude

Nobody can tell ya,

There’s only one song worth singing,

They may try and sell ya,

’Cause it hangs them up,

To see someone like you, 

But you gotta make your
own kind of music.

Sing your own special song,

Make your own kind of music,

Even if nobody else sings along

Those perfectly inspiring words (from the 1969 pop classic sung by Mama Cass) still hold true for many 20-something art boys. In the last few years, with the help of Tumblr blogs, Facebook groups, YouTube, SoundCloud, workouts at the gym or just a fierce stance in six-inch heels, a few fellows have captured the hearts and imaginations of many but have yet to hit the mainstream. They’re not going away anytime soon because you don’t know them yet.


A different breed of superstar, these gay boys are not packing auditoriums and rolling in dough. They’re accumulating “likes” on Facebook, giving away their music, posing naked for photographer friends and selling their creations on Etsy. It’s as if there are mini explosions, tiny little Warhol Factory–type environments, popping up in forever-queer havens like Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Boys moving back and forth through these cities with songs and art in their hearts and hard dicks in their brightly coloured American Apparel undies.

Most importantly, they have lots of talent to throw around.

I’ve had my Sissydude blog for almost five years and have seen (through trolling Tumblr, mostly) some of these boys evolve from photographers’ muses to interesting artists.

I distinctly remember a few years back, when browsing through New York photographer Walt Cessna’s extensive Tumblr archive, being totally smitten by two of the models, Rica Shay and Kyle Kupres.


Shay is a cute, thin boy with sad, lovely eyes and a very, very nice bum. He pops up here and there looking fresh and young with a jaunty baseball cap on his head. In the last few years, he’s become quite the hip-hop performer. He has a lot of attitude but always with a friendly wink. His newest tune is called “Damn You Nasty,” and it’s his best to date. Check it out on SoundCloud. It’s really, really good.


Kupres is a classical violinist who is known for his performance-artist gender-fucks, avant-garde costumes and beautiful icy-blue eyes. He’s pretty stunning but also a whole bunch of fun. Have you ever heard his violin versions of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” or “Love To Love You Baby”? Pretty fucking amazing (look for them on his SoundCloud).

He recently moved from New York to LA. How Patsy Gallant is that!


LA seems to have sparked the designer in him, and he’s just started a company called Slämenskräm; the Voltaar Swim Brief is described as a bathing suit that “will make you burp rainbows it’s so fucking cool. Shit is radioactive.” (Check it out on Etsy.)


Ab Soto also inhabits a world all his own. It’s a world full of colour and zany pattern mixing with zillions of pop-culture references so lovingly thrown your way it never hurts. Super-sexy Soto is always clad in gigantic T-shirts, his eyebrows painted bright 1980s blue, the look topped off with a yellow construction-paper crown. What’s not to love?

His songs and videos are a joy to behold, but my favourite has to be “Keep It Movin’.” Soto always has a mix of stylin’ friends at his side dancing and poppin’ like nobody’s business, and this video shows off this magic the best. All shapes, colours, sexes and sizes . . . the true world. “Banjee Power” indeed!

For a few art boys, jerking off on camera — or actually starring in major studio porn videos — is also an expression of who they are. Showing off your hairy asshole or getting gangbanged by a bunch of spray-tanned twinks is no longer something to be kept a secret. It’s a celebration, an exploration, part of the journey. Like Madonna’s Sex book, it’s a total “Fuck yeah!” And it pays for art supplies.

There are also a few pornstars who are doing things a tad more quirky and artistic than most. Like the adorable and sexy Colby Keller and Dale Cooper.



Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant, Shangela, talks about the DOMA decision and how she manages her unruly hair. See story here:

SPANKING COLBY KELLER! Sissydude Interview for Daily Xtra…


DAILY XTRA: Colby Keller is quite possibly one of the hottest, smartest, cutest and most interesting pornstars on the planet. Not only does he know how to have great sex on camera, but he has a blog ( that follows his #selfie adventures around the US and a YouTube channel called In Bed with Colby Keller. Colby lover and gay blogger Sissydude spoke to him.

Sissydude: Hey Colby, how are you?

Colby Keller: Wunderbar! Et tu Sissydude?

SD: I’m awesome. So, you’ll be in Toronto for FIT PRIMPIN’ (Friday, June 28 @ The Great Hall). Very exciting!

CK: I’m seriously pumped. Moisturizing my spankin’ hand as we type.


SD: Have you been to Toronto before?

CK: Never! And I used to summer every year at Beach of the Pines in Grand Bend. I have no excuse.

SD: Well, you will “SEE PENIS” … Toronto’s CN Tower is super phallic. And it’s Pride Week. So you know there will be real peen everywhere.

CK: Hopefully much of it inside my body at some point. 😉

SD: I know that you’re a major foodie… Toronto has tons of amazing restaurants. Be prepared!

CK: I’ll remember to bring my jockstrap AND my suspenders.

SD: As one should. What will you be doing @ Fit Primpin’?

CK: Managing a small mom and pop-spanking booth (minus the mom and double the pop, if you think your booty can handle it).


SD: Your blog Big Shoe Diaries really is a fun place to hang out and get to know what you’re all about. You, Dale Cooper, Conner Habib, Logan Stevens and a few other gay porn men are really adding an artistic/scholarly dimension to what a gay porn star is thought to be.

CK: I’m flattered you think so. Thank you.


sissydude illustrations for fab magazine…





based on…


HOTARIOUS: Sissydude is one of the 12 sexiest beards in canada! Thanks BUZZFEED!









Sterling Williams & The Beardy Boys MORE EXCLUSIVE SHOTS from FAB Magazine (photos by Jamo Best)


Jamo Best


fab magazine beard cover & video (comes out tomorrow)


Fab did a story about beardy boys (and I’m the old man amongst the hotness). Check it out!

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 12.41.59 AM



Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 12.41.29 AM


“celebrity cookery” story & illustration by sissydude (fab magazine)

click page to read easier.


who is jc leyendecker? by sissydude (for fab magazine)

fab magazine

James Huntsman and Trystan Bull take it off in this sexy photoshoot for fab magazine’s underwear issue with PHIL!!!

phil, ricky & matt @ fab photoshoot (8 shots)



sissydude is fab… cheap, easy, fast & tasty…

super cute models are ricky kruger, matt chiu & francisco chasin


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