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‘Alone Time,’ Photo Series By JJ Levine, Challenges Traditional Notions Of Gender (via Huffpost & Aubs)


“Alone Time” is a striking and nuanced photo series by Montreal-based artist JJ Levine that seeks to explore issues of gender identity and queer space. Utilizing one model to portray two characters in each photo, the subject of each image in the series embodies both a male and female character within a single frame.


What do you hope viewers take away from this project?

JJ: I’m less interested in increasing viewers’ awareness than I am in inspiring their openness to possibilities beyond what is considered “normal.” In other words, I want to convince the viewer of the many possibilities that may exist within a single surface perception or presentation. Ultimately, I aim to destabilize the notion of gender as singular and predestined by the sex we are assigned at birth.



happy passover!







DIRTY GIRLS by Michael Lucid (via Aubrey)

Shot in 1996 and edited in 2000, this is a short documentary about a group of 13-year-old riot grrrls who were socially ostracized at school by their peers and upperclassmen. Everyone in the schoolyard held strong opinions about these so-called “dirty girls,” and meanwhile the “dirty girls” themselves aimed to get their message across by distributing their zine across campus. Directed by Michael Lucid.

netz the creative… (via Aubs)

bootz durango “LOVE ON ACID” tribute to rihanna (via aubs)

her facebook

britney face morph from baby to present (for aubs)

The Singing Peek Sisters “Steppin’ on the Clouds” with intro (via miss. erin)

“Atlanta, Georgia’s cable access shows are some of the best in the country and most were made via FUNTONE USA. In this clip the Singing Peek Sisters are guests on Ralph Bailey’s TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND. The sisters are interviewed and then they perform a jaw dropping number entitled “Steppin’ On the Clouds”. These sisters are so unique and talented that they have created their own key AND time signitures!!!! Mrs. Miller, outta the way…the sisters are back on the airwaves.”


@ grrrlVIRUS (via aubs)



CLASSIC!!! the late great tandi iman dupree… better than any half-time show!

a tender new years @ chez sissydude (most photos by aubrey… a few by me) 13 pics


Rihanna – Birthday Cake Dance Occupy Wall street (32BJ) by Jonte’, Danielle Polanco & KOOAN (from aubs)

CSS – City Grrrl feat. SSION

CSS – City Grrrl feat. SSION from Freak! Produtora on Vimeo.

boyfriend by boyfriend (enjoy their “slave contract” smiles… and the blond… it’s all about the blond)

the mgm stars class photo show! (from aubrey)

britney circus by sarraceniaalata (BRILLIANTLY FUCKED) from Aubs

Kazaky at Anouki Bicholla Fall 2011/12 UFW (for Aubrey)

“abracadabra” – brown eyed girls

BIGBANG & 2NE1 “Lollipop” (for Aubrey)

elizabeth berkley showgirls exclusive interview (via sally fatarms)

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – PONPONPON

sally fatarms & i (2010)

Logan Stevens & Ace Rockwood (for aubrey)

GCC III – Lady Boys of Sweaty Sundays, Choreographed by Ryan Heffington

from Aubrey

“AMAZING FAGGOTS!” (from aubrey)

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