lovely sunday morning tuneage… DANE TERRY’S “COLOR MOVIES” (via walt c)


“To say Color Movies is a group of songs about my childhood and adolescence is true but insufficient,” Terry admits. “It’s a few memories in glass; the result of a maddening stock-taking effort; counting cans with unreadable labels. But I have a markedly questionable, impressionistic memory. I can’t know what is true and verifiable about my life. everything is so hazy. everyone was so sad. All of this is to say some of Color Movies is true, and some is fantastic fiction and I don’t know which is which. I never did.” – Dane Terry


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Frillbilly Theater Composer. Appalachian Fatalist Songster. Based in NYC. Traveling all over. FACEBOOK

Terry photos by Walt Cessna after the jump

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OUT OF THE CLOSET by Ernest Coppejan / via Yagazie Emezi


Ernest Coppejan’s Dans Le Milieu:

“Out of the closet come” means without exception, rejection by family and friends, no work and the risk of imprisonment of up to ten years.

Ernst had 45 people willing to let portray themselves, thereby giving a face to the hidden and forbidden life of the gay scene in West Africa .


As a product designer Coppejans (1974) visited West Africa regularly for work. As much as he enjoyed the countries, each time he realized he could never really be himself. A situation that West African gay men and lesbians have to deal with every day.

Coppejans – now an accomplished photographer – wanted to tell this story by giving this anonymous group a face through a series of portraits. Easier said than done. But through the help of the COC and Human Rights Watch, last winter he managed to get in touch with two persons who fight for the rights of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). They put him into contact with several young people he then portrayed.




Now, six months later, there is a wonderful series of portraits of brave Africans. “I met beautiful, sweet, inspirational and talented young people who refuse to hide behind a heterosexual marriage and therefore have no future. Some stories brought me to tears. It was tremendously brave of them to cooperate with me on this project.


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sadface… jarec “teofil brank” wentworth, one last time.


Have you heard the news? Jarec Wentworth Arrested For Felony Extortion; Demands Included $1 Million, L.A. Condo!!!

Why Teofil… why? A Sissydude fave off too the slammer… It’s an exclusive you’ll only read on Str8UpGayPorn, and it more than likely means the end of a career for former Sean Cody superstar turned exclusive Jarec Wentworth. READ all about it HERE.

Str8UpGayPorn can report exclusively that Jarec Wentworth, whose legal name Is Teofil Brank, was arrested on March 4th by undercover FBI agents for felony extortion—a charge that could send Wentworth/Brank to federal prison for years. Upon his arrest in Los Angeles, a loaded .357 Magnum revolver was found in his vehicle.



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