Just watched Ian MacKinnon’s sweet video of Cody Jo (below) and forgot about this amazing tune! So here are the lyrics… sing along to this beautiful queer classic from 1934! I’ve added some lovely vintage beach boys photos (via MYSELFIXION & other sources) – and to inspire, a full version of the song at the end of this post…

A Day with Cody: Beach Boy (part 1) from VideoVisions on Vimeo.

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Beach Boy

(A. Ronell; from Down to Their Last Yacht)
Transcribed from Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra; vocals by Bob Lawrence; recorded 6/29/1934.
From: Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man; Art Deco Columbia Legacy CK 52855.

Beach boy,
The spell of a southern island,
Is burning, burning, burning,
Like a fire;
Deep in your eyes
I see the stars;
Deep in your eyes,
Your smile is gleaming, gleaming, gleaming,
Like the stars of paradise.

Swimmer in the glimmer,
Glimmer of the moonbeams,
Through the waters falling;
I can see the shimmer,
Shimmer of your arms,
And hear the natives calling.

Beach boy,
The memory of your kisses,
Is burning, burning, burning,
Like the beach sand
Beside the sea;
Your arms around me,
While waters pound me,
My heart is beating, beating, beating,
With the waves in ecstacy,
Beach boy!

10th March 1974: Boxers John Conteh and Bunny Johnson with manager George Francis (1928 – 2002, centre) about to take a swim in Highgate Ponds. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

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  1. jr73080

    One of your BEST. Thanks for the memories

    April 10, 2017 at 11:46 am

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