GAYBLEVISION (Canada’s first television program made “for gay people by gay people”)

VIVO MEDIA ARTS CENTRE: Gayblevision, Canada’s first television program made “for gay people by gay people”, was produced through Vancouver’s West End Cable 10 between 1980-1986. It documented the local LGBTQ community – the issues, people, events, businesses and organizations that defined the early 1980s. It includes rare interviews with community leaders and cultural icons, and provides insight into the formation of the Pride movement and the impact of AIDS.

Co-founder and first President, Don Durrell, donated the collection in 1993. It includes over eighty Gayblevision episodes and those of Pacific Wave, a series initiated December 1983 by Durrell and other Gayblevision producers. Co-founder Mary Anne McEwen donated additional Gayblevision videos including raw footage of their Tennessee Williams interview. Other videos include an AIDS Special, Pride tapes, promotional segments, audio tracks, and working cassettes. In 2014 a donation of production stills and other ephemera was made in honour of McEwen.

STONEWALL GAZETTE: This is historically important archival footage of activist Alan Hicox, from a segment produced for Gayblevision in 1983. Hicox died on Sept 26, 1984; he was only 21 years of age. Gayblevision was Canada’s first gay TV show and was produced in Vancouver. In this footage, Hicox shares his experience with AIDS and talks about how he is helping to educate the public. FULL 4:44 VERSION HERE. Video @ XTRA

GV1-2 Gayblevision Episodes 1 & 2 from Video Out Distribution on Vimeo.

Gayblevision Episodes 1 & 2

Gayblevision Special | Celebration Of Two Years On Air from Video Out Distribution on Vimeo.

From 1982: This tape is a celebration of two years of regular programming by Canada s only Gay produced television show – Gayblevision. It covers the entire spectrum of the gay experience : everything from the Mr. Leather Contest to a an interview with lesbian novelist Jane Rule. CHECK OUT MORE GAYBLEVISION VIDEOS HERE!

GV 044 Pacific Wave Episode 3 from Video Out Distribution on Vimeo.

Recorded February 3, 1984. Air dates February 5 & 19, 1984.
Little Sister’s montage.

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