PENIS POETRY by Antonio Da Silva and Andre Medeiros Martins

This is a poetic film about The Penis becoming a diary with a unique story to tell. PENIS POETRY is made in collaboration with Andre Medeiros Martins who wrote on his lovers’ penises his personal thoughts.
Andre’s words reflect how much our modern society glorifies the exhibition of The Penis, how much we worship it and how much social media and apps allowed us to share the most private parts with the world. The Penis is no longer a taboo, it is art, it is a cult.
Big, small, thick or thin The Penis is controlled by the brain but many times it takes control of the brain. The Penis displays an intelligence of it’s own and it writes its own story.
All penises have a story to tell.
If yours could speak what would it say?
Please submit your Penis words to:

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This is a 14 min film including 40 min of extra footage.

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    January 31, 2017 at 11:37 am

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