Here are my 10 portraits from my “Valentine Candy Box” series in this year’s 10×10 exhibit. I made them using various vintage elements, a glue gun and taking the subjects’ photos with my iPhone. Show is open to the public starting today June 9th. The 10×10 Exhibit runs from June 9- Aug 18 @ THE GLADSTONE HOTEL. In Toronto? Please check it out! Reception and book launch on Thurs, June 30, 7pm: INFO HERE!


01: Juul Haalmeyer/ costume designer

Juul Haalmeyer is an iconic costume designer, terrible dancer, mediocre singer and an accomplished bad actor who has happily pulled the wool over so many eyes for oh so many years. He has designed frocks for every Canadian show you can think of… from “The Pig And Whistle” to “SCTV”.


02: Nicholas Collette/ filmmaker

Nicholas is a filmmaker and producer. Born in New Brunswick, he now lives and works in Toronto. Joaquin Phoenix made him gay.


03: Ian Phillips/ Illustrator

Ian’s artistic persuasion was discovered in his teens, working as chief ribbon clerk at Simpson-Sears. His love of people brought him to Toronto where he furthered his art training, supporting himself by making salad dressings at many famous restaurants. Ian says his life has been full of wonderful surprises.


04: Bobby Beckett/ Event Coordinator & professional drag queen wrangler

Bobby is a queer Trans community activist and second generation Torontonian. Bobby was the outspoken owner of The Henhouse and is currently working as the artistic curator for Pride Toronto. Bobby also enjoys long walks on beaches, rough trade, dance parties, coloring books and cats.


05: Lulu Wei/ photographer & filmmaker

Lulu Wei is a QPOC filmmaker/photographer/cyclist based in Toronto. She creates visually and aurally stimulating content (when life doesn’t get in the way). If she’s not glued to a camera, she’s subverting the ad industry from within, giving into her FOMO, DJing, or exploring the other side of the world.


06: Matthew Simpson/ Crafter

Matthew, Plaid Alf Records Five Dress Shirts Hamburgers Socks Ketchup Peanut Butter Bowling Balloons Foreskin Ballet T2125 Trains Planes Bicycles Thesaurus Tea Fruitcake Uranus Embroidery Halfway there, Hurr Him She and They Miami Sneakers Beans Steam-eh Capricorn YEAR I love you, I know Thank you.


07: Alexander Barattin/ Illustrator

Alexander is an illustrator. He loves drawing, crafting and taking out too many books from the library and then forgetting to return them on time; he is currently teaching himself how to quilt. His biggest pet peeve is when people take those little stickers off of fruit and stick them all over their fridge.


08: Craig Dominic/ DJ

Craig Dominic has been DJing across the city for over 8 years. He can currently be found at Crews & Tangos and other hotspots. He can also currently be found daydreaming of a utopian society where no one has ever heard of Lady Gaga.


09: Allysin Chaynes/ Drag Performer

Allysin Chaynes is a Toronto drag performer, of the reputed House of Filth, spanning from the Wild West End to the church street village and beyond. Priding herself in a range of skills from balloon animals to stage magic to comedy to waggling her chin around to songs. Allysin reminds you to tip generously and spay and neuter your pets.


10: Jonathan Crombie/ Actor

When Jonathan Crombie was little he knew Santa Claus was a lie, yet he staunchly believed in the Easter Bunny. He grew up to play the Tooth Fairy and marry a Jew. Jonathan was a TV heartthrob, Stratford actor, “Ishtar” defender, Broadway star, and fan of the mustard at Artie’s.


John Webster was born in Brandon, Manitoba in 1964. He grew up in Winnipeg, Vancouver & Miserysauga. He graduated from OCA in 1987. He’s been a creative boy all his life. Highlights include Bic pen/Hilroy scribbler illustrations of ladies in puffy dresses (1970s), chess pawn “Ice Capades” (1974), tennis racket playing singer for rock group Candy Cane (1974), The Brontes, Disney animation series pilot (2001-2004).
He has had several solo exhibits in Toronto and group shows in NYC & LA. John is currently creating “The Most Beautiful Dress In The World”. He lives in Parkdale with his awesome cat Sebastian.

The artist wishes to thank all the subjects who took time to pose for the photo collages. A big thank you to Jenn, Grant, Erin and Lisa for their encouragement and help along the way. A very special thank you to Juul Haalmeyer for your enthusiastic generosity. Love you all! XXXO Sissydude


10×10 INFO: Now in its sixth year, 10X10 has become a staple in visual art programming during Toronto’s Pride celebrations. Join this year’s group of ten Canadian queer photographers in celebrating one hundred LGBTQ Canadians who have contributed to the arts! Featured photographers this year are: HEARTBEATS (Vivek Shraya & Karen Campos Castillo), John Webster, Adam Zivo, Richard Rhyme, James Fowler, Wynne Neily, Gun Rose, N. Maxwell Lander, Damian Siqueiros, and Kelly McCray.

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