SISSYDUDE LOVES: THE PINK ANGELS (1971) pics & trailer!

Pink Angels, The

So, today someone posted The Pink Angels trailer on their Facebook profile, stating that he came across it looking for info on the late Dan Haggerty (R.I.P. furry stud). I looked thru the Sissydude archives and found that I had posted the trailer in 2011 (but it was removed). So here is a visual salute to this quirky “gem”. I own it and quite love it. It has MAJOR problems but it’s a lot of fun and the dark and awful ending really is a shocker/ head scratcher. The lead actor John Alderman is a total hottie and reminds me so much of Jon Hamm. They both have that handsome leading man/ goofball thing going on. Alderman is really fun to watch (and really rocks his 1920’s floral headband). Yes Mr. Haggerty is in this playing a bad boy biker… but actor Tom Basham is the one to watch here. He’s so modern in his approach to the character. It’s a weirdly touching quiet performance in this “gaysploitation” B-movie road picture.


“Plenty of heads turn when a group of transvestite bikers wheel their way to Los Angeles.” – IMDb


“Pink Angels (or, The Pink Angels) is a 1972 outlaw biker movie. It is a comedy about gay bikers who head to Los Angeles to attend a drag ball. The movie stars John Alderman, Tom Basham, Bob Bihiller, Bruce Kimbal, Henry Olek, and Maurice Warfield as the bikers. The 81-minute movie was directed by Larry G. Brown. The screenplay was written by Margaret McPherson. Dan Haggerty of Grizzly Adams fame plays a straight biker.” – wikipedia


PinkAngels - still


“Watching The Pink Angels is a confounding experience, as the film continually thwarts its own themes and ideology. While some scenes contain a stark and minimalist realism, other scenes revel in lowbrow humor and blatant stereotypes. This makes it a particularly difficult text to master, since it contains contradictory information throughout.”




“It is unfortunate that The Pink Angels has received so little critical analysis, because its beguiling nature is the reason that the film is of interest. Trash cinema often treads that thin line between eccentric style and inept malfunction and much of the genre criticism is devoted to delineating that distinction. A film like The Pink Angels is illuminating because of its muddled presentation of gay bikers and its cinematic aesthetic. Sometimes the only conclusion is that a film can be simultaneously inspired and terrible.” – IJMS (READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE)




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