sissydude loves: levi jackman foster on the subway

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Late night
6 train
No one is watching

story by nanukjf

w/ swiles89
And richardfuertes

Having grown up in the middle of no where, public transportation is a fascinating environment for me. The NYC subway is a constant buzz of all types of people in a hurry. I love sitting on a train and seeing a Wall Street type sitting next to a mother and her three kids, next to someone who appears to be Marilyn Manson, next to a gaggle of gays, next to a nun who’s trying not to pay attention to the two teenagers making out on the other side of her. It’s weird and awesome. After living here and using the subway for a while what now seems even more bizarre than riding in these super crowded, diverse masses by day is the rare moment of seeing that same train car completely empty. How do you behave when no one is around? And what do you do when your new found privacy is invaded?







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