Some kind stranger asked me today… “What is your favorite album”? I thought for a second or two… was it The Smith’s The Queen Is Dead? Sinatra’s “Only The Lonely”? And then out of the blue I told him Scott Walker’s “Scott 3”. So here it is. If you are not familiar with it give it a try. A geeky (and very cute) buddy of mine turned me on to Walker in the early ’90s but Walker’s music just didn’t click with me till a few years later… and I’ve adored his stunning vocals and atmospheric arrangements ever since. As much as I appreciate his weird and dark recordings of the 1990s and 2000s, it’s his 60’s & 70’s recordings that are very dear to my heart.

Scott 3, 1969 Lp, is the third solo album by singer songwriter Scott Walker. All songs written and composed by Scott Walker (credited as Noel Scott Engel), except where noted.


And here is one of my fave Walker tracks (not on Scott 3) “Joe”.

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