lovely sunday morning tuneage… DANE TERRY’S “COLOR MOVIES” (via walt c)


“To say Color Movies is a group of songs about my childhood and adolescence is true but insufficient,” Terry admits. “It’s a few memories in glass; the result of a maddening stock-taking effort; counting cans with unreadable labels. But I have a markedly questionable, impressionistic memory. I can’t know what is true and verifiable about my life. everything is so hazy. everyone was so sad. All of this is to say some of Color Movies is true, and some is fantastic fiction and I don’t know which is which. I never did.” – Dane Terry


STREAM the full album HERE
Info @ digital warble
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available on vinyl @ TONK records


Frillbilly Theater Composer. Appalachian Fatalist Songster. Based in NYC. Traveling all over. FACEBOOK

Terry photos by Walt Cessna after the jump




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