model Mark Mićunović in BARBA Collection of Backpacks for the Season summer/autumn 2014 photoshoot… that is all.


BARBA: Beard does not make a philosopher, but it looks good. If you browse through old photo albums of our fathers or grandfathers you will surely come across at least one photo from their youth where they are young men wore a beard. Men beard represents the initiation of hairless toff to mature and self-possessed gentleman and indirectly is a sign of wisdom.






Model Mark Mićunović raised the temperature a little bit more on the hot asphalt in a new editorial for the summer/autumn collection of backpacks for brand Barba. Photos were taken by Ivor Matić while Mićunović posing in a raw, almost prison ambience in the garage of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.


“The idea is to capture the atmosphere and encourage the creation of a third person’s perspective. Passers-by from the gallery, watching BARBA-man as a modern Conan chained to concrete walls and metal bars reminding us how great and ongoing are human hunger for games “- said Dalibor Jakus, Founder and Owner of Barba brand.


Barba collection of backpacks for the season summer / autumn 2014 comes in five different designs while backpacks are made from hard cotton with rope. Design is appropriate for the brutal player and vagabonds such as Barba-man is, with symbols and colors one hardened bearded beast that fully matches his fighting spirit.




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