SISSYDUDE LOVES: west coast cast of HAIR on the smothers brothers show (1968)


The West Coast cast of “Hair” performs on season 3, episode 8 of “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” taped November 29th 1968 and aired December 8th, 1968. The songs performed are “The Age of Aquarius”, “Hair” and “The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)”. Jennifer Warnes! Gloria Jones!!!

The West Coast version played at the Aquarius Theatre in Los Angeles beginning about six months after the Broadway opening and running for an unprecedented two years. The Los Angeles tribe included Rado, Ragni, Robert Rothman, Ben Vereen (who replaced Ragni), Red Shepard, Ted Neeley (who replaced Rado), Meat Loaf, Gloria Jones, Táta Vega, Jobriath, Jennifer Warnes, and Dobie Gray.


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