SINema: 72 GRADOS (via clavdio)


Synopsis: The year is 2015, a solar storm threatens to cause the end of the world. The survivors are held in their homes unable to withstand the heat.
Basically, sleepy sweaty bearded dudes lying around like hot seductive (and very sick) cats… and then it gets darker and “serious”.
Did I say hot bearded dudes?

Dirección: Miguel López y Jose R. Rodríguez
Producción: Wantastudio
Guión: Miguel López
Postproducción: Jose R. Rodríguez
Música Original: Jesús Fernández y Daniel Callejón
Maquillaje y Peluquería: Curro Margo
Actores principales: Ander Gaztelu, Raúl Balboa y Santi Senso

Ander: Ander Gaztelu
Santi: Raúl Balboa
Domingo: Santi Senso

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