“(Laughs) When it’s hot I run without a shirt. I’m a pretty hot, sweaty guy unfortunately. But no in the winter I put shirts on. I’m not like Randy on Trailer Park Boys or anything.” – JOE KILLORAN


HERE are some OBSESSIVE bits & pieces on my hubby Joe Killoran… Student teacher reviews, a Q&A & some articles he has written…

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“The only problem with Mr. Killoran is that he has major back sweat, other than that, swell guy! He also likes to do wind dances in class, which makes things a little bit awkward.”

“Joe Killoran is an amazing and talented teacher. He is a firm believer in the chalk and talk, however his lessons were some of the most interesting and memorable I had in my entire high school experience. If you don’t like learning, laughing, deep thinking, writing, memorising, or watching cool movies, then you won’t like him. Oh and also he’s a total dream boat with a killer body.”

“i LOVE that HE LOVEs the OFFICE! :)”

“best teacher ive ever had. he’s sooo funny (and pretty good looking too haha). very approachable and easy to talk to. lessons are really good.”

“Killoran is hilarious…not to mention adorable. Gotta love his ridiculous stories. I think he’s an awesome teacher. A lot of note taking but they are great to study with.”

“he’s very attractive. any girl will agree… he’s so nice and helpful. he’s pretty funny too. he’s not my teacher though so i don’t know how he teaches.”


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NP: What went through your mind when you saw him?

Joe K: I guess shock and a little bit of anger. He talks all the time about taxpayers and [does] this regular guy routine. He purports to speak for all these people and then he won’t answer anybody’s questions. So I said I have some questions for this guy. He’s going to come to East York, he’s going to come to my neighbourhood and try to prop up his campaign or get some photo ops. I didn’t think that was right when there are all these outstanding questions about him being a racist, a homophobe, feeding corruption that he hasn’t even addressed. He just shows his contempt for everybody all the time.

NP: You’re getting a lot of attention online. Someone called you the most articulate shirtless jogger they’ve ever seen.

JK: (Laughs) Well that’s a pretty low bar but it’s nice to say.


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Mr. Killoran on “The problem of overprotective parents” @ The Hamilton Spectator and
“Religion or equality? Religious beliefs and practices that violate equality rights have no place in publicly funded schools.” @ The Toronto Star (via JOE MY GOD)

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