COLBY KELLER/ great BUTT interview (by danny calvi) & pics (by miguel villalobos)


BUTT: 33-year-old artist Colby Keller does porn to support his art. And why shouldn’t he? It’s clear to Colby and everyone who knows him that art has been his true vocation since he was a kid. He grew up in Houston, Texas, has that friendly, Southern demeanor, and is obsessed with all things Native American — as a kid, he’d come to show-and-tell and do a rain dance. He studied anthropology, but eventually moved to Baltimore to do his graduate degree in art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. As he cleans house and prepares to leave Charm City, I meet up with him at his apartment and studio in Lovegrove Alley. It’s a little bit like talking to the Dude from The Big Lebowski, or rather, the Gay Dude. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE @ BUTT MAG & PICS HERE


Sample of interview:

BUTT: Have you done any camming?

COLBY: I’ve done it, but it’s an incredibly emotionally demanding thing to do. You have to get some kind of enjoyment out of seducing, and, to a certain extent, you have to be an exhibitionist. Those things just don’t come naturally to me. People are mean too. They’ll be like, ‘You’re fat’.


B: Do you watch a lot of porn yourself?

C: I watch a little bit. But for maybe two years now, I’ve kind of stopped masturbating regularly. I’d go weeks without masturbating, not even think about it, and then, all the sudden, it’s like, oh shit, this is affecting my hormone levels. Like, I can’t do this. So I’ve tried to be much more deliberate about it. I could fantasize about something, and I do, but it’s so easy to pop in a video and in twenty minutes, you’re done. It almost feels like medical.


B: Don’t you ever want to like look into the camera and say, ‘Turn off this video and go have sex!’?

C: I do want to say that, but there are some people who can’t have those relationships for whatever reason, or find it difficult. Porn is way to access that erotic potential. Even though I’ve had very satisfying interpersonal sexual relationships, because it’s so much easier when I’m in control of it, oftentimes I have better orgasms by watching porn than I would with someone else. That’s the part that disturbs me. That’s why I stopped masturbating. I want to learn how to have better, consistent orgasms with another person.


B: When you’re not busy making porn, do you have a day job?

C: I have done a lot of different jobs to make money… I’ve been a nanny. I watched my first child from when she was about six months old until she was about three.


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