very interesting interview: adam baran talks to bjarne melgaard (via the sword)


ADAM: Can I start with the Black Party which you mentioned when you sat down? You have strong feelings about it.

BJARNE: I don’t have that strong feelings about it. I’m just sick of all these parties and these things that gay men get so built up about, like this is the night it’s gonna happen and we’re gonna go crazy. I like to go crazy on a Monday night, on an ordinary weekday. I don’t need to have the Black Party to go crazy. I used to hate circuit parties.

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What was it like working with Dale Cooper?

Well he’s kind of stiff. He’s not the world’s greatest actor. He’s a nice person, but, um, yeah, I mean, he was alright. I think he brought that kind of, you know, the film is done very cinematically. It looks like real cinema film. It’s also something with all that technique on someone who’s so untrained and unskilled as an actor. That’s what I was interested in. This pretense of acting. Trying to act but not really managing to act. I think it’s very obvious, the acting.

That’s porn acting in a way.

Yeah. So you can say the essence of it is related to porn in that way.

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I never really liked Joey Stefano’s porn.

No. And porn like Francois Sagat and these things I really hate. I think they should just go kill themselves. Do the world a favor and just blow your brains out.

What don’t you like about him?

I just think it’s crap. All of it. It’s stupid and superficial and it’s like, I’m also bored of this kind of steroid body. I used to do so much steroids, and I used to take 500 pounds and bench press it or whatever, and you have a kind of huge muscle body. It’s just so easy. Why do people look at these people and think “Oh my god this is something I can never have?” Just decide that you want to skip thirty years of your life, and go to the gym two hours every day and that’s it. It’s so easy, and it’s lazy also. I like more bodies when they’re more natural. I also like guys who don’t give a shit of how they look. I find that a real turn on. Who doesn’t give a fuck about going to the gym or looking good or whatever. I definitely want to make my own porn though.

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Do you want to take PrEP — as someone who barebacks and takes meth?

Yeah. I do want to take it. But I had unsafe sex for 20 years, and I never did anything to protect myself and I never had an STD in my whole life. I never even had gonorrhea once. There is something in my body that is not receptive to those things. Because I should have been infected like 15 years ago. It’s something kind of mysterious to me. I had a lot of sex involving blood with HIV positive guys and I would take my fist out and I would get all the blood coming out in my mouth because it spurted out from their ass. I would have a mouthful of their blood.

Why is that something you wanted to do?

I just wanted to experience anything. I wanted to try anything.



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