So, TIE-DYE UNDIES are a thing… (via daily squirt)

“There is something about the form which color absorbs that is so good about underwear. Tee shirts are too much color but Undies are just right. Wear them under anything, and you’ll know there is a party in your Underoos.”

Daily Squirt: That is the weirdly vague description of TIE DYE UNDIES by creator Alexander King. It’s a Tumblr blog devoted to pics of very hot fellows wearing one of a kind groovy underwear. Like the undies? Is it your size? Click the photo twice and buy that very pair worn by that hot model (@ the Etsy store)! Prices are usually around $40.00 for briefs & $90.00 and up for long johns and union suits. King dyes all kinds of brands from Hugo Boss to Adidas. They sell out quickly so you gotta work fast. Hmmmm… not sure if the skivvies have the manly musk scent of the models’ bathing suit areas… but wouldn’t that be just lovely if they did.

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