remember miss. michael learned in “NURSE”?


This well-made television drama tells of the life of a nurse working in a large metropolitan hospital. Based on Peggy Anderson’s best-seller. It lasted 2 seasons on CBS for the 1981-1982 TV season. Starring Michael Learned…coming off her multi-years on The Waltons and Robert Reed…after his heyday as Papa Brady on The Brady Bunch. Below is a majorly edited episode with only cute actor Peter Coffield’s scenes from the Nurse episode, Life Begins at Dinner (1981).

Sadly, Coffield died of AIDS-related illness in 1983.

Still very watchable… almost plays like a mini-Unmarried Woman TV remake. Kinda fun… sadly, would love to have seen the Margaret Hamilton scenes… DRATS!

Here’s a random unrelated scene with Antonio “Huggy Bear” Fargas giving some attitude.

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