SISSYDUDE LOVES: JIMMY NIGGLES’ “neck mane of rich mahogany” is selling for $1,000,000.00

photo by Elvis Di Fazio

For sale: Scott Maggs, also known as Jimmy Niggles, is selling his beard for charity to raise money and awareness for melanoma research after his friend Wes died from skin cancer.


On ‘This Is Beard’, Jimmy Niggles described his beard as ‘one of the most valuable fields of facial follicles known to man’.

‘Not only is it a luscious and captivating neck-mane of rich mahogany and buoyant masculinity, an artwork within itself, this beard has (and will continue to) save countless amounts of lives,’ he wrote.’This is a rare and momentous opportunity to own the world’s first #milliondollarbeard, and support a movement which encourages people to have their skin checked for melanoma and enjoy the sun a whole lot smarter.’

This Is Beard from Jake McCann on Vimeo.

‘As the new owner, you may have the beard shaved by a an expert team of taxidermists, art restorers and forensic scientists. Painstakingly reconstructed and mounted within a framed glass case. Or, you may choose to have it remain on the host, and use it (within limits) as you see fit.’



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