sissydude loves: “on a path” – owen pallett (btw… he might be wearing Kenzo tonight)


T-MAG: “But for the video for the song “On a Path,” which premieres above, Pallett turned to one of his longest-running creative partners, the artist Steve Kedo. The pair have worked together since they were college roommates. For this particular video, Kedo stayed at Pallett’s house for an entire week while photographing every object in it. “It’s very much conceptually about taking stock of our possessions, and the implied validation of life from the things we surround ourselves with,” Pallett explained. “And it will also help with insurance claims in case my possessions ever got destroyed in a fire!”

OWEN PALLETT T mag interview HERE


Owen Pallett – On A Path (Lyric Video)
Directed By Steve Kado

Pre-order In Conflict at:
Domino (ROW) / Secret City (Canada) –
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Owen Pallett — In Conflict (Trailer) from Show Group on Vimeo.

more info HERE

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