Juante Allen Meadows (1940) photos by Carl Van Vechten (via deviates inc.)

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Van Vechten Allen Meadows 1

Van Vechten was introduced to his model Juante (Allen) Meadows by the African-American sculptor Richmond Barthé (1901 – 1989) who “shared an interest in incorporating the racialized and eroticized male nude into [his] art.” In his personal scrapbook of photographs, Van Vechten wrote on another similar image of Meadows the suggestive lines “NEW YORK’S BIGGEST DATE! SEE IT! DRIVE IT! BUY IT! NOW DRIVING’S A JOY.'” Virtually nothing is known about Meadow’s background. He was probably a young dancer and circulated among Harlem’s black and white gay cultural elite, if not physically, then certainly through Van Vechten’s photographs.” (James Smalls, “The Homoerotic Photography of Carl Van Vechten,” p. 97 and p. 173)

Van Vechten Allen Meadows3


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