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Just read this piece by John Gravois (for PACIFIC STANDARD) on Toast being the latest artisanal food craze. But it’s not all about that… it’s really about the interesting creature that is Giulietta Carrelli. She owns Trouble, the cafe that started making THE toast… cinnamon toast. JUST READ IT HERE!!!



“At first, Carrelli explained Trouble as a kind of sociological experiment in engineering spontaneous communication between strangers. She even conducted field research, she says, before opening the shop. “I did a study in New York and San Francisco, standing on the street holding a sandwich, saying hello to people. No one would talk to me. But if I stayed at that same street corner and I was holding a coconut? People would engage,” she said. “I wrote down exactly how many people talked to me.””


“Like a lot of people with mental illness, Carrelli self-medicated with drugs, in her case opiates, and alcohol. And sometimes things got very bad indeed. Throughout her 20s, she was in and out of hospitals and periods of homelessness.”

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  1. michelleaknowles

    Please, gentlemen, can someone help me, apparently this is the only way I can access anything by which I can contact Giuletta Carelli–I am so backwoods and non communicative with modern computers that the only way for me to find somebody is backwards through porn or some such–but its more important than you can imagine–I just sat transfixwed through a NPR story about Her and her travels through life and realized that she is the first person to clearly articulate what it’s like to be a REAL GIRL with the episodes and the voices and be ok with how to pragmatically manage them–then I looked up her picture and saw that my exquisite and sensitive lovely bisexual woodsdaughter would surely see a kindred spirit–I just want my deeply anxious, hallucination-afflicted angel child to see what it looks like to be a grown-up girl, successful and useful in her own niche–not alot of examples here-although we do certainly make alot of comfort toast–we are not so different, after all. even on opposite sides of the country–but at present my sweet girl is hospitalized and I see Giuletta’s face and know that my tiny girl can acclimate to being ahallucinatory girl in a realistic world only if she has a model to follow. If anyone can help me over my computer/link/website idiotics and just get me to connecting with that tatooed coffee girl with the excellent coping skills I would be so grateful–my email is and that’s all my college son taught me before heading out–none of you would be sorry for helping us, Ipromise–I just see and hear someone out there that is like my girl and I need the connection, and not with some stupid website where everyone cries!! Help me out? M. Knowles

    March 15, 2014 at 12:15 pm

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