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LION PELT RUG – “For the Floor”

In remembrance of the 17 lions and other exotic animals massacred. May you rest in peace at our feet.

On October 18th, 2011 in Zanesville, OH, the owner of an exotic zoo freed all of his animals and then shot himself. The sheriff ordered a shoot-to-kill policy on the escaped animals. The lives lost was insurmountable; 18 bengal tigers (only about 1,850 exist in the wild), 6 black bears, 2 grizzlies, 2 gray wolves, 1 macaque monkey, 1 baboon, 3 mountain lions, 9 male lions, and 8 lionesses. That’s a total of 46 animal lives taken. They were probably burned, rather than, say, taken to a zoo or their bodies donated to a museum. These animals were disrespected. The Lion Pelt Rug is made of recycled mink and rabbit fur coats and it signifies how animals’ fur or their bodies have become high-end trophies in our society. Rather than exalting their spirit and their natural mind, humans have splayed them on the floor as a place to put our feet.

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