The Seduction of Bear starring Ambrosia Salad & Brendan “Baby Bear” David



Credits after the jump…


The Seduction of Bear from Nark Magazine on Vimeo.

Ambrosia Salad, the pilled out creamy seizure salad housewife of Kitty the Bear should have known better than to trust her fur ball spouse home alone with Baby Bear the slutty plumber… What will happen next? Nark Magazine presents DICKSLAP, third Fridays at The Eagle, Seattle, and occasionally in Portland, San Francisco and LA.

Written, directed and filmed by Kevin Kauer / Nark ,

Starring Ambrosia Salad, Dickslap resident gogo boy Baby Bear and Kitty the Bear.

Edited by Steven Didis

1. The Ronettes – Be My Baby
2. Glimpse – True South
3. Dusty Springfield – I Only Want to Be With You
4. Ruben & Ra – Furry Love Affair

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