Just obsessing about this song. I’ve always been a big Harper’s Bizarre fan but for some reason I never really knew anything about them. Today I’m learning… their brilliance all makes sense now. Van Dyke Parks & Lenny Waronker were producers & writers for all the albums.

High Coin (Van Dyke Parks)

1. I’m goin’ for high coin baby or I ain’t goin’ nowhere at all
I’m goin’ for high coin baby to keep me high and in and up and down and all
Well, if cats try enable you and tear down all the words you’re able to recall
That’s all before they fall

2. I’m in the high scenes, baby, I’m livin’ in far out and lie
I’m in the high scenes, baby, where day is night and nights are days and years gone by
While I cut towering some spools the hours strike these cats like fools and words gone by
I’m fine, it’s my time

3. It looks like high time baby to stop our lovin’ nickel dime
We’re in the high times baby where words are lost and tempest tossed in lemon lime.
When times and places effervesce in words of wonder from down under I’m no less.
I’m fine. It’s my time.



Q: I’ll bet…
TT: Oh, you know it…really amazing. Also, on the road, we used to do songs of his that we never recorded, like “Political Science”. But, Lenny’s idea of taking a group of great writers and putting them all together on an album was just terrific. Van Dyke’s song, “High Coin”, on the second album is, to me, the highlight of the whole Harpers thing…

Q: Yes, you can’t top that one…
TT: No, you can’t. It’s just amazing.

More of this great interview with member Ted Templeton HERE



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