READ THIS: The Masculine Mystique/ Custom Suits to Make Transgender and Female Clients Feel Handsome @ nytimes


John Leland for the nytimes:

Breakthrough ideas often come from the least expected sources. For Daniel Friedman, the flash came from a woman named Rachel Tutera. Mr. Friedman makes custom men’s suits, mostly for corporate clients in his end of Park Slope, Brooklyn.


Ms. Tutera runs a blog called The Handsome Butch. When she wrote to him last year, seeking a sales job, she had a proposition: Why couldn’t Mr. Friedman, with his expertise in men’s suits, make them for women like her — not women’s suits, but the same gear he was making for guys, with the same masculine profile, but fitted to women’s bodies? It was a question he had never considered.



pics via BINDLE & KEEP

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