less but more… i decorated for the holidays… and i wasn’t planning to (and i didn’t mean to steal the tree)

I’m seriously not into Christmas this year. I wish I was stronger but being single during the holidays is really tough.

So very cozy for me and Joe (lower left). I decided to get a real tree (no white or pink fake this year). I bought it at a grocery store (so I thought), stood in line with the tree on the floor beside me. Bought my groceries, paid… picked the tree off the floor and walked out. Realized about a third of the way home that I didn’t pay for it. The true meaning of Christmas?

I feel good having done this (decorating). But I did less than half that I used to do.


She smells so good, my fresh dying tree.

Shaky shaky hands.

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  1. Won’t Joe destroy all that?!

    Nice! Really nice!

    December 4, 2013 at 6:43 am

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