DINNER WILL BE SERVED Sissydude Q&A with AB SOTO! (via Daily XTRA)


Sissydude’s interview with our favourite pocket-sized, pop music hunk – Ab Soto

This Thurs, Nov 28 (on American Thanksgiving don’t ya know) New York based huntress Ab Soto will be flying into Toronto like some super sexy magical Macy’s Parade balloon… full of sonic queer energy. He’ll surely be boogying with his hips and getting down with his mouth.

So Ab, you’ll be performing at The Garrison in Toronto for Rumproast… on American Thanksgiving Day! You just keep giving & giving. Honey, how do you do it?

I’m excited to be performing in Toronto during Thanksgiving! She’s the real deal! Dinner will be served!

What should we expect from you on stage at Rumproast?

Showz! Showz! Showz! I like to serve a good crunchy show!

Please tell me that you will be taking your shirt off… you don’t do that enough as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think I’ve ever found an Ab Soto ass shot anywhere either (Tumblr, Twitter, Grinder)… what gives?

Really? You’re not looking in the right places 🙂

What is your workout regime? Please tell me you work out to the Zsa Zsa Gabor It’s Simple Darling Workout tape.

I like to workout but I don’t obsess over it. I usually have an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids right before I go on stage. All the dancing keeps me in shape too.



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