I know everyone is posting the Franco/Rogan parody today… but I really can’t stand it. I know it’s all in fun but I’m kinda sick of easy target/smug/ I’m better than you/ straight white frat boy humour. The parody did make me take a look & listen to Kanye’s “Bound 2″… which I quite love. Yes, the video is ridiculous… but it is totally fun to watch.

It’s like Russ Meyer meets Gone With The Wind via Tarantino with a splash of 90’s GAP ads. LOVE. Great tune/ warped production… and Kanye looks totally hot in his plaid layers. His lyrics are fun too.

“Hey, you remember where we first met?/ Okay, I don’t remember where we first met/ But hey, admitting is the first step”

Kim usually bores me but her “naked” inclusion gives it a good pop culture kick (“everyone could use a tan”). The sample in the song is “Bound” by Ponderosa Twins Plus One. The recording is from 1971. It’s such a lovely tune, never heard it before.

Thanks Kanye for such a wonderful song and introducing me to the Ponderosa Twins Plus One. Thanks James and Seth for making me take a look and listen to Kanye’s awesome “Bound 2”. And yes boys… dudes kiss all the time… and it’s not always a joke.

“jesus wept”

2 Responses

  1. Michael

    No. Really?

    November 25, 2013 at 7:27 pm

  2. Dan

    Are you trolling us, Herr Sissydude?

    November 26, 2013 at 2:18 pm

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