enrique metinides’ picture of adela legarreta rivas (via kenneth r.b.c)


That beautiful woman with her arm draped just so over a bent streetlamp, her face passive, open-eyed, with a delicate trickle of blood that matches her lipstick, can’t really be dead, can she? She must be an actress.

Actually she is an actress (or a journalist as Metinides says in the doc): Adela Legarreta Rivas, who was struck on Avenida Chapultepec one April day in 1979 by a white Datsun. There’s the car in the background, in the middle of the street, its side crumpled like paper. Mr. Metinides’s picture looks too good to be true (if “good” can describe such a horrible accident), except that it isn’t. It’s surreal because life is. NYT

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