Irene Williams : Queen of Lincoln Road (23 mins)


Irene Williams Queen of Lincoln Road from Frameline on Vimeo.

Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road (23min)
Award Winning Short Documentary
Like hundreds of other gay men, Eric fled the New York City winters for quick weekend getaways in SOUTH BEACH MIAMI. On one of these trips in 1995 he met IRENE WILLIAMS on LINCOLN ROAD. Her wild and colorful handmade outfits immediately caught his attention. With video camera in hand he began to realize what an amazing individual was inside these clothes. Over the next decade Eric documents a marvelous journey of Irene’s outsider couture, imparted wisdom, and the heartfelt affection they share. Shades of Harold and Maude meets Grey Gardens come together in this sweet, funny, and thoroughly endearing portrait of a rare bird in paradise and a friendship found. for more info DVD etc.


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