AWESOME! dyke (a quarterly) 1976- 1979

ABOUT DYKE, A Quarterly

DYKE, A Quarterly was created by Liza Cowan and Penny House. We had been best friends since we were four years old and had both recently come out as Lesbians. In 1975 we were in our mid twenties. Liza had moved to a farm in upstsate New York and Penny was living in New York City, where we had both grown up.

All over The United States Lesbians were getting together to make culture: music, literature, theater, art exhibits, film, poetry, and all kinds of media. We were right in the thick of it, enjoying every minute, and decided that making a magazine would be our contribution.

This is the annotated archive of the magazine we created. We hope you enjoy reading the issues and taking a peek at some of what went on behind the pages: the sketches, ideas, layout guides, fliers, reviews, and even some of the angry letters. And, of course, it’s filled with commentary and backstory.

We invite you to add your comments and memories.

Liza and Penny

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  1. Hi,

    Glad you like our magazine and archive. Thanks for helping spread the word.

    It is a work in progress, so keep checking back.


    editor of DYKE A Quarterly and online annotated archive.

    April 18, 2012 at 3:23 pm

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